Headroom Clearance

Q: How much headroom clearance is required to pass the SCORPION® through a process oven, dryer or cooling tunnel?
A: The required headroom clearance is determined by the thickness of the Thermal Barrier being used.

Q: Is there an easy way to check that my process has enough headroom?
A: Yes, Reading Thermal manufactures a line of Headroom Clearance Checkers to cover all six Thermal Barrier sizes.

Low Temperature Applications

Q: It seems that most of the focus regarding SCORPION® use is on ovens.  Can the SCORPION® be used in cooling tunnels?
A: Yes, the Temperature, Air Velocity and Humidity sensors can be used in cooling tunnels and have been proven to be very effective.
Q: What about a freezer?
A: Yes, the Temperature and Air Velocity sensors can be used in freezing applications as low as -50°C (-58°F).