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New Reading Thermal Pan+Dough Probe delivers accurate, repeatable measurements

Reading Thermal has introduced the Pan+Dough Probe, a fixed position, dough interface/core temperature measuring device that provides accurate, repeatable data that are not possible with hand-placed thermocouple probes.

“Bread bakers rely heavily on accurate measurements of the core temperature of the bread as it moves through the oven to ensure consistent quality,” said Richard Starke, director, Reading Thermal. “The Pan+Dough Probe has a stationary vertical probe that is always at a fixed penetration depth, as opposed to probes inserted into the loaf that can change position as the dough rises. The Pan+Dough Probe yields measurements that are always at the same reference point from one batch to the next.”

The Pan+Dough Probe is placed under the bread or bun dough and simultaneously captures the pan/dough interface temperature and the dough core temperature.  The Pan+Dough Probe connects to a Temperature Interface device that can accommodate five Pan+Dough Probes. The probe’s copper spade is pressed against the pan by the weight of the dough, and measures the critical pan/dough interface temperature.  The vertical, stainless steel, dough core temperature probe penetrates the dough at a fixed distance from the pan. These readings are used to produce the Bake Cycle S Curve indicating critical temperature points for yeast kill, gelatinization and arrival time as they relate to the percentage of travel through the baking chamber.  SCORPION® Software Version 8 (SV8) automatically calculates the three S Curve data points.  Environment temperature is also measurable using sensors connected to the Temperature Interface device.

Reading Thermal introduces SCORPION® 2 LITE Temperature Profiling Package

Solution offers a low cost-of-entry to Temperature Profiling and is expandable to Airflow, Energy Transfer and Humidity Profiling

Reading Thermal introduced the SCORPION® 2 LITE Temperature Profiling Package to provide customers with a convenient, low cost solution for measuring and monitoring temperature levels in commercial ovens, cooling tunnels, freezers and dryers.

Developed primarily for producers in the baked snack food industry, the system has demonstrated potential for application in a wide range of manufacturing environments that utilize a continuous conveyor process, such as meat processing, nut processing, electronics, aluminum can production, and more, said Richard Starke, Director, Reading Thermal.

The SCORPION® 2 LITE Temperature Profiling Package consists of a SCORPION® 2 LITE Data Logger and a Temperature Interface that provides the ability to measure 10 Temperatures at user defined positions in a thermal process.  This helps ensure consistency and high quality while minimizing the amount of substandard product or waste.

Particularly in commercial baking, having the ability to monitor temperatures from the beginning through the end of a continuous conveyor food processing system is crucial to ensuring the overall quality of a production line, said Starke. For example, baking bread in a continuous conveyor process requires the product to reach certain temperatures at specific times in the bake cycle. If those correlations aren’t reached and monitored to ensure repeatability, product quality will suffer.

At $8,000 the SCORPION® 2 LITE Temperature Profiling Package offers an affordable, cost-effective solution to meeting the challenge of temperature monitoring, said Starke. In addition, customers who opt for this package will have the ability to upgrade to more advanced measurement capabilities such as airflow, energy transfer and humidity – while maintaining full compatibility with all existing SCORPION® equipment.

In addition to the Temperature Interface, the SCORPION® 2 LITE Data Logger is compatible with a new line of Magnetic Temperature Sensor Arrays which provide users with a low-cost technique to achieve fixed sensor repeatability across the width of a conveyor.  Furthermore, the SCORPION® 2 LITE Data Logger functions exactly like its full-featured SCORPION® 2 relative.  All connections, charging, user interface and software are identical to both systems, so that upgrading is an easy transition.  “If the customer decides to invest in additional monitoring capabilities, all the previous equipment will still be compatible for their upgraded system,” said Starke. “They will not lose any compatibility. There is no additional software that the customer needs to buy. It’s a very easy progression to achieving the capability to collect data for all oven parameters.”


Markel Bakery Group announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Tromp-Pol Baking Equipment B.V.(“Vanderpol”) and Den Boer Baking Systems B.V. (“Den Boer”). Vanderpol and Den Boer design and manufacture waffle equipment, handling equipment, and ovens for bakers worldwide. Both companies are headquartered in the Netherlands.

Following the acquisition, Vanderpol and Den Boer will be combined with the previously acquired Tromp Bakery Equipment to form Tromp Group BV., a member of the Markel Bakery Group family of companies.

“We are excited to complete the union of Vanderpol and Den Boer with Tromp,” stated Ken Newsome, Chief Executive Officer of Markel Bakery Group.  “These three companies have worked together for years in a strategic alliance, and now, through this transaction, their customers will be better served by a fully integrated group that can deliver the entire production line.”

“With AMF Bakery Systems (pan bread and bun), Reading Bakery Systems (baked snacks), and now Tromp Group (waffles, specialty breads, pizza, cake & pie, and cookie), we cover virtually the entire spectrum of baking equipment.  We have offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and China, making our company a truly global enterprise with vast resources to serve the needs of the industrial baking industry.”

Robert Van Heukelum of Vanderpol and Den Boer will serve as President of Tromp Group.  Robert commented, “We are happy to be aligned under the Markel Bakery Group.  This gives us added stability and resources and the opportunity to partner with trusted, established brands in the baking industry.”