Technical Services

Reading Thermal offers customers solutions to their baking, drying and cooling problems with our SCORPION® Profiling Service and we keep our customers in compliance with OSHA regulations through our Oven Safety Inspection Program.

Oven Safety Inspection Program

No matter what oven or other thermal system you use, the SCORPION® Profiling Service will take the mystery out of your thermal process! Our expert technicians assist customers at their location to perform Data Collection, Analysis, and Problem Solving. The state-of-the-art SCORPION® Data Logging Measurement System is used to collect thermal profiles of Temperature (air, band, product), Air Velocity, Heat Flux, and Humidity.

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SCORPION® Profiling Service

When you rely on Reading Thermal for safety inspections, you stay in compliance with OSHA regulations and you get a benchmark of oven performance with SCORPION® profiles of Temperature, Air Velocity, and Heat Flux, providing a baseline for yearly comparisons. Our inspections can also help you avoid issues with your insurance carrier by documenting the operation of all safety devices. Regardless of who built your oven, Reading Thermal has the expertise to inspect it.

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