Product Probes

Standard Product Insertion Probe

STDPP-1The Standard Product Insertion Probe is recommended for measuring product core temperature of biscuit, cookie, and bread products. It can be used with the Temp Sensor Array, Product Probe Interface and Temperature Interface. The maximum tip temperature is 260°C (500°F). The standard probe is a 76mm (3”) long x 1.3mm (0.05”) diameter high temperature probe with a 1.2m (48”) stainless steel sheathed lead on an integrated wire spool (custom lengths available).


HYOPP-1A. Ruggedized 1.3mm (0.05”) diameter thermocouple wire with braided sheathing and welded end point.
B. Miniature 0.5mm (0.02”) diameter thermocouple wire with a low-mass, fast-response loop end.
C. Miniature 0.5mm (0.02”) diameter thermocouple wire with welded end point.

3 kinds of prepared flexible thermocouples are available for directly sensing the temperatures of different products or surfaces (A,B,C). They can be directly inserted, laminated between 2 pieces of product, or affixed to surfaces with heat-resistant tapes. Each comes with 1.2m (47”) lead on an integrated spool. Custom lengths available. Each can be used with the Temp Sensor Array, Product Probe Interface, and Temperature Interface. Maximum tip temperatures of 260°C (500°F).

Product Probe Fixture and Wire Hold Down

STDPP-2-webReading Thermal offers a magnetic base Fixture that positively locates product probe in product and is fully adjustable for height and angle. A magnetic base wire hold down is also available to manage excess wire and serve as an adjustment tool.


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