Pan+Dough Probe™ & Bake Cycle S-Curve

Pan+Dough Probe

This dual probe unit is placed under the bread or bun dough simultaneously capturing the pan/dough interface temperature and the dough core temperature. The copper spade is pressed against the pan, by the weight of the dough, measuring the critical pan/dough interface temperature. The vertical stainless steel probe penetrates the dough, to a fixed distance from the pan (1″ to 3″ in 0.25″ increments), measuring the dough core temperature used to produce the Bake Cycle S-Curve. The Pan+Dough Probe provides accurate repeatable results unattainable with hand-placed thermocouples. It connects to the Temperature Interface device which can accommodate 5 dual probes.



Bake Cycle S-Curve Analysis

Bakers rely on Bake Cycle S-Curve Analysis to optimize the baking profile. This analysis provides critical insight needed to make adjustments to ingredients, bake time, and zone temperature settings. SCORPION® Software Version 8 (SV8) automatically calculates the three key S-Curve data points: Yeast Kill, Gelatinization and Arrival.