SCORPION® Profiling Service

No matter what oven or other thermal system you use, the SCORPION® Profiling Service will take the mystery out of your thermal process! Our expert technicians assist customers at their location to perform Data Collection, Analysis, and Problem Solving. The state-of-the-art SCORPION® Data Logging Measurement System is used to collect thermal profiles of Temperature (air, band, product), Air Velocity, Heat Flux, and Humidity. We can analyze a single line, or perform multi line comparison studies, to determine what is causing problematic processing conditions.  And our analysis and consultation will produce solutions to problems such as inconsistent quality, moisture retention, uneven bakes, low production capacity, and more.

  • Do you need to transfer product from one production line to another in the same or different plants?
  • Do you experience uneven bake across the band?
  • Do your products have moisture retention problems?
  • Do multiple lines produce undesirable variations on the same product?
  • Do you need increased production capacity?

Measuring Key Parameters

  • The SCORPION® Profiling Service measures and analyzes critical thermal process parameters: temperature, air velocity, heat flux, and humidity
  • All measurements are taken with process equipment under full product load using fixed sensors located at actual product level
  • Profile, analyze and compare data gathered to maximize performance and solve production problems

Some of our profiling success stories include:

  • Transfer of product from one production line to another in the same or different plants.
  • Evaluation of humidification systems and moisture retention inside oven chambers.
  • Resolution of uneven bakes caused by across the band variations in temperature and airflow.
  • Evaluation of ovens and cooling systems to accommodate increased production capacities.

 View our Case Studies to see how the SCORPION® helped solve other process problems.

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