Oven Tracker Systems

Baking is a science that rarely forgives even the slightest deviation from the recipe. That means you must know what’s happening in your oven at all times, whether you’re maintaining temperature distribution, humidity, air velocity, heat flux, and more. Implementing an oven tracker system allows you to monitor your appliances with utmost accuracy, letting you produce top-quality products, maintain oven mechanisms, and leverage analytics by compiling profile data for actionable use.

Reading Thermal has provided top-tier support products to the commercial baking industry for over 25 years. We’ve established ourselves as an industry leader, producing numerous solutions to provide your team with information about your oven’s environment, condition, and efficiency. Our sensors and sensor arrays help your company consistently manufacture baked goods and snacks without compromising the food in the process. Our goal is to offer clients solutions that increase the quality of their products via comprehensive data collection, extensive oven monitoring, in-depth documentation, and more.

Measuring Every Step of Production

Keeping tabs on your production line requires a dedicated system composed of numerous technological elements to accurately capture your oven’s profile to ensure regulatory compliance, quality control, food safety, and more. A singular sensor placed within your ovens will rarely provide the depth of insight you need to compile meaningful reports. You might be able to record a specific parameter within your oven environments, such as humidity levels or air velocity. Still, only a small piece of the picture doesn’t hold its weight in value.

The SCORPION® 2 Profiling System is the successor to the widely successful  SCORPION® Profiling System, evolving on the design of its predecessor further to enhance the baker’s control over their products. Considering the number of variables that influence the baking process, you need a solution capable of monitoring every aspect that weighs in on the production process. This is what makes consistency possible. Controlling the variables – temperature, air velocity, heat flux, and humidity – provides real-time insights that allow you to analyze your oven’s profile and make adjustments to maintain efficiency, consistency, and quality.

A System Optimized for Output

The SCORPION® 2 Profiling System comprises a series of Smart Sensors connected to a Data Logger, the central controller that records the information gathered throughout your oven. The data can then be downloaded and analyzed, following a simplified data collection process that can easily be handled without extensive training. The individual components of the SCORPION® 2 Profiling System include:

  • Temperature Sensor Array
  • Digital Humidity Sensor
  • Air Velocity Sensor Array
  • R&D Smart Sensor
  • Heat Flux Sensor
  • Data Logger

Capturing an array of critical operation information while on the production line is only possible with a solution designed for resiliency in extreme environments. The SCORPION® 2 Profiling System considers the effects of external factors on the sensitive information it records, including temperature and humidity changes in the oven environment that could potentially impact data validity. By using a robust system, you can be confident that the results you receive are accurate and free from outside interference.

If you’re interested in upgrading your current production line with a comprehensive oven tracking system, call us at (610) 678-5890 Ext. 2, or contact us online for more details about our innovative products.