Optimizing the Baking Process in Industrial Bakeries Using Thermal Profiling

From the simplest of morning pastries to decadent desserts, baking is an art that requires precision and expertise. For industries handling large volumes of goods, optimizing the baking process in industrial bakeries using thermal profiling becomes even more important in ensuring consistent quality. With modern technology advancements, thermal profiling can be used to streamline the baking process to ensure accuracy across all batches within range, allowing bakeries to produce large quantities of baked goods without compromising consistency, quality, or safety. 

The baking process relies on proofers, ovens, dryers, cooling tunnels, and more to  ensure the finished product is perfect every time. Thermal profiling helps to monitor these systems for changes in temperature, airflow, and other factors that may affect the baking process. Reading Thermal, a leading manufacturer of thermal profiling solutions, has dedicated our work to developing and producing a series of smart sensors, data logging technologies, and corresponding analytical software to help optimize industrial baking processes. Our work in creating the SCORPION® 2 Profiling System has made our name and technologies an industry-standard, providing countless bakeries with the support they need to take their baking processes to the next level.

What Are Thermal Profiles?

Thermal profiles are a set of parameters that measure and monitor key baking parameters during production processes. The data from these measurements is used to interpret the overall performance of systems such as ovens, proofers, dryers, cooling tunnels, etc., ensuring all baked products are consistent in quality and taste. Essentially, they’re standards that ensure all products that go through your ovens are baked to your exact specifications, using these four key baking parameters to ensure consistency and quality:

  • Temperature
  • Air Flow
  • Energy Transfer
  • Humidity

Thermal profiles also provide an extra layer of safety in the baking process. By monitoring temperatures, airflow, and other factors, you can ensure that all products baked within your systems adhere to industry standards and are safe for consumption. This makes achieving regulatory compliance and reaching the Kill Step easier and more consistent.

This is especially useful when using multiple ovens distributed by different manufacturers. By utilizing thermal profiles, you can ensure that all batches heated in these ovens match the exact same specifications. This way, no matter what model of oven is used; all batches will be baked to the same standards.

The Tools You Need for Accurate Thermal Profiles

The technologies used in the baking process, such as ovens, proofers, cooling systems, freezers, and more, are extreme environments that need constant attention, maintenance, and care to ensure they remain consistent and efficient. These environments also make it difficult to gather accurate readings, as many sensors may not be sufficiently equipped to handle high, low, or fluctuating temperatures.

To accurately measure and monitor baking parameters, you need the right tools. Reading Thermal has developed a suite of products designed specifically for this purpose. Our SCORPION® 2 Profiling System is the industry-leading provider of wireless sensors and data logging technologies that provide accurate readings of temperature, airflow and other baking parameters. With this system, you can ensure consistent baking results every time with precision accuracy.

These technologies enable bakers to optimize the baking process in industrial bakeries using thermal profiling, using real-time data to make meaningful, precise changes to oven baking environments, parameters, and processes. If you’re interested in our services, call us at (610) 678-5890 Ext. 2, or contact us online for more details about our innovative products.