HACCP Process Validation

HACCP process validation is an essential part of any food safety management system. It’s a requirement of most regulatory agencies, including the FDA and USDA, so ensuring your bakeries comply with this requirement is essential. In its simplest terms, the HACCP is the evaluation and verification that your baking processes produce safe foods that meet your customers’ expectations for quality. This includes proving that your products have no microbiological or chemical hazards and ensuring they have good shelf life under normal storage conditions. To meet compliance standards, you must mitigate all hazards through continual monitoring and maintenance of your baking, drying, cooling, and freezing applications.

Reading Thermal was founded 25 years ago to measure, understand, and elevate the baking process. Utilizing our industry-leading SCORPION® 2 Profiling System offers all the data you need to understand the conditions, processes, and products you use on a daily basis and ensure their compliance with HACCP standards. The best way to pass your HACCP process validation is by examining the ovens you work with to ensure they operate as expected.

Prioritizing Food Safety

Food safety is an apparent risk that threatens the well-being of your consumers. That’s why it’s so essential that you work to ensure your baking processes are safe, efficient, and productive at all times. The SCORPION® 2 Profiling System offers the most comprehensive data collection capabilities on the market today, allowing you to monitor the temperature, humidity, airflow velocity, and more in your ovens to provide greater visibility of what’s happening inside.

Our state-of-the-art technologies yield accurate and precise data every time. With verifiable and actionable data reports, they can help detect potential equipment issues and pinpoint inconsistencies, misalignments, failures, and hazards in your ovens.

Validate the Kill Step

Baking is highly temperature dependent. Too much heat means you’ll burn your products, lowering output quality. Too little heat won’t reach the Kill Step, making your products unsafe for consumption and violating the HACCP. Knowing the right temperature and at what point in the baking process your product is most vulnerable to heat changes is a critical part of HACCP process validation.

That’s where the SCORPION® 2 Profiling System can help. We can capture precise data about the conditions inside your ovens in real time and provide actionable reports that offer insight into how your equipment operates and how you can improve it. Our SCORPION® 2 Data Logger captures and stores all information compiled by our Smart Sensors, which then be downloaded to a PC and analyzed by our SCORPION® Software Version 8 (SV8).

The SCORPION® Software Version 8 (SV8) is an essential module for Kill Step Validation, calculating lethality, and providing comprehensive reports based on the data captured during the oven monitoring stage. This provides invaluable insight into your baking processes, analyzing core temperatures and displaying them comprehensively and intuitively to meet HACCP standards. Essentially, you’ll know exactly when you reach the Kill Step, and you’ll be alerted with enough time to fix it if you don’t.

The SCORPION® 2 Profiling System provides an expansive solution network for providing in-depth , real-time data to help you meet the HACCP process validation and improve it. Our cutting-edge, robust, and flexible system ensures that your baking processes are efficient, productive, and safe. Call us at (610) 678-5890 Ext. 2, or contact us online for more details about our innovative products.