Controlling Steam in Bread and Bun Production Lines

Bread and buns are staples of the bakery — they can be found on shelves in supermarkets, at local cafes, tucked away inside restaurant rolls baskets, or cooling off after a hot morning bake. But what goes into ensuring these baked goods turn out perfectly every time? The answer lies in controlling steam during production. Steam plays an essential role in creating top-quality bread and buns; it has the power to influence texture and flavor for gorgeous produce customers won’t be able to resist. Ensuring you can effectively control steam in bread and bun production lines is critical in producing consistent, delicious baked goods across every commercial or industrial oven.

This is why Reading Thermal’s solutions have been designed to provide your ovens’ most detailed thermal profile for controlling steam in bread and bun production lines. Our technology provides superior accuracy compared to commercial-grade pressure valves: it reads steam at every point along each loaf, allowing you to accurately measure, adjust and control the amount of steam used during baking. This means that bakes are consistently even across all your ovens, providing a reliable production process with consistent results.

What Is Steam Injection?

Steam injection is a standard feature in most industrial baking ovens. It provides a quick and efficient way to ensure that dough products receive proper moisture during baking. By using short bursts of steam before and during the baking process, moisture levels can be directly controlled by your bakers. With the right amount of steam, you can control the final product’s crust color, softness, and springiness.

Considering that steam injections directly affect the humidity levels of your oven environments, it is important to have complete control over how steam impacts the quality of your baked goods. To do that, you must accurately measure the humidity levels throughout your baking process. To yield the desired effect, steam injections have to account for the steam’s temperature, the spray’s duration, the amount of moisture added, and the time of injection.

How Reading Thermal Can Help You

Reading Thermal built our SCORPION® 2 Digital Humidity Sensor to provide pinpoint accuracy of humidity levels between 32 and 662 degrees Fahrenheit, providing perspective and insight into your oven’s dew point, relative humidity, dwell times, and absolute humidity ranges. With this precise data, you can ensure that the right amount of steam is injected into your ovens at the right time.

When working with high dew point environments, such as steam injection, you need precision to make the proper adjustments. The SCORPION® 2 Digital Humidity Sensor retains an accuracy rating of +- 5% across all oven platforms, so you can be sure that your steam control will remain consistent. 

If you’re looking for reliable temperature sensors to control steam in your bread and bun production lines, Reading Thermal has the perfect solution. Our technology is designed to support bakeries and other commercial food production businesses in their quest for the highest-quality product, providing a comprehensive solution to managing steam injection and achieving the most even baking results. If you’re interested in our services, call us at (610) 678-5890 Ext. 2, or contact us online for more details about our innovative products.