Commercial Oven Temperature Sensor for Baking

If you work in a bakery, you probably know the importance of accurate oven temperature. It doesn’t matter if you’re baking cakes, cookies, or pastries – a precise temperature is key to ensuring your customers get consistently perfect results every time. Given how each baked good requires different oven conditions to ensure they come out perfect, having ultimate control over your oven environment is pivotal in producing consistent results. Commercial oven temperature sensors can be a valuable tool for bakers seeking consistent excellence in their baked goods by monitoring temperatures accurately and providing helpful feedback when adjustments need to be made.

Reading Thermal offers superior commercial bakery oven temperature sensors for baking that create the most detailed thermal profile of your ovens and help you achieve consistent, top-quality results. Our sensors provide the accuracy and precision needed to create a perfect oven environment for baking, allowing you to rely on consistent results every time. With decades of experience building trusted, effective temperature measurement solutions, Reading Thermal is the perfect choice for bakers seeking an oven temperature sensor that meets their exact needs.

Temperature at Product Level

Every Smart Sensor is designed for purposes that range from measuring the air velocity within your ovens to quantifying moisture levels throughout the process. Every baking parameter that affects the outcome of your baked goods culminates in the temperature at the product level, which is the most crucial measurement for bakers.

The interactions of the various baking parameters influence heat transfer along your oven band. Any irregularities lead to areas along the band that are too hot or cold to bake successfully. These irregularities may affect vital processes, such as fermentation, product swelling, moisture evaporation, flavor development, and surface coloring.

Our Temperature Sensor Array

Reading Thermal’s Temperature Sensor Array accurately measures temperatures at the product level, allowing you to effectively monitor oven dynamics and make informed adjustments to your oven conditions. Once you plug the array into our SCORPION® 2 Data Logger, you only need to run it through a regular loaded baking cycle to measure the at-product level temperature across your entire oven band.

The array uses a bar with detachable plugin sensors that are evenly spaced to accommodate the width of your conveyor belt, ensuring that it will capture a comprehensive temperature profile. There are two types of pluggable temperature sensors:

  • Type A – Air/Conveyor Sensors
  • Type B – Air/Air Sensors

Type A – Air/Conveyor Sensors

The Type A sensor measures the air temperature immediately above the conveyor and the temperature of the conveyor itself. This type of sensor is ideal for measuring the temperature changes experienced in a loaded baking cycle, as it captures both air and conveyor temperatures.

Type B – Air/Air Sensors

The Type B sensor measures the air dimensions above and below the conveyor. The upper thermocouple measures the air immediately above the conveyor, while the lower thermocouple focuses on the air rising through it. This type of sensor is ideal for measuring the temperature changes experienced during an unloaded baking cycle.

Utilizing our commercial oven temperature sensor for baking ensures your oven environment is as optimized as possible, resulting in consistent, top-quality results every time. If you’re interested in our services, call us at (610) 678-5890 Ext. 2, or contact us online for more details about our innovative products.