Commercial Bakery Oven Data Logging Solutions

Commercial bakery oven data logging solutions can help streamline production and reduce waste from burned goods. By documenting temperatures, duration of heat exposure, cool-down times, and other baked goods characteristics such as humidity levels, commercial oven data logging services provide valuable insights that allow bakers to ensure their food is cooked correctly every time. This results in better quality products and reduces costs associated with failed products and unnecessary downtime in the kitchen. With the right monitoring system in place, bakery owners can reap these benefits while simultaneously reducing labor stress on staff members.

Reading Thermal’s SCORPION® 2 Data Logger is the right state-of-the-art solution to create your oven systems’ most accurate and usable profile. With over 25 years of experience designing, developing, and producing industry-leading Smart Sensor and data logging technologies, Reading Thermal’s earned our reputation for accuracy and dependability. Thermal data logging has never been simpler or more reliable – our data logging solution requires minimal setup. It allows for access to real-time data that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Features of the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger

The power of this intelligent thermal monitoring system provides bakery owners with an impressive range of features, including: 

  • Temperature profiles over time that display temperatures at each point in the process cycle 
  • Alarm system configuration, which sends notifications when ovens reach predetermined temperature thresholds 
  • Detailed heat profiling reports that help you optimize baking processes for maximum efficiency & quality products 
  • On-board memory that stores data for up to 500 days of logging.

The SCORPION® 2 Data Logger features a modular design, allowing bakeries to connect and modify it with other specialized Smart Sensor technologies for advanced data measurement and compilation. With its expandable capabilities, bakeries can get the most out of their monitoring systems without replacing them as their operations expand. Not only does this simplify the data collection process, but training to use the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger is minimal, allowing your staff to quickly learn the system and get up and running in no time.

The Benefits of the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger

The SCORPION® 2 Data Logger provides several benefits to bakeries looking for the perfect data logging solution. By taking advantage of this advanced thermal monitoring system, bakery owners can ensure they produce consistent, high-quality products while reducing costs associated with product failure and unnecessary downtime.

Additionally, the data collected by the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger can be used to identify hot spots in ovens for more efficient baking processes, which further reduces energy consumption and operational costs. This comprehensive data-logging solution gives bakery owners everything they need to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. 

All data gathered and stored within the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger can then be downloaded onto our proprietary SCORPION® Software Version 8 (SV8) for analysis. Designed for compatibility with  the SCORPION® 2 Profiling System in mind, our software translates all compiled data into user-friendly charts, graphs, and reports, making it easy to understand the collected data for better analysis and decision-making. 

With Reading Thermal’s commercial bakery oven data logging solutions, bakery owners can take advantage of the latest thermal monitoring technology without being overwhelmed by excessive design complexity. If you’re interested in our services, call us at (610) 678-5890 Ext. 2, or contact us online for more details about our innovative products.