Commercial Bakery Oven Data Logging for Quality Control

Keeping track of temperatures and other baking information is critical for bakers looking to meet the highest quality standards in their products. Commercial bakery oven data logging for quality control allows you to do just that: monitor, collect, and analyze your oven’s temperature performance, as well as identify potential flaws or issues down the line. By taking advantage of this technology, you can ensure that all recipes are using ingredients correctly and baked at ideal conditions so each batch will taste consistent no matter how busy production is. This will give customers a reliably delicious finished product each time they order.

Reading Thermal is the leading provider of industrial oven data logging solutions for bakeries. Our highly accurate and reliable technology allows you to monitor the temperature in real-time and record data over extended periods – giving you peace of mind that your recipes are cooked just right every time. Our SCORPION® 2 Profiling System provides a comprehensive overview of your baking process, allowing you to track temperature, time, and airflow. This gives you the ability to make corrections and adjustments in real time.

Intuitive Design for Line Workers

Overt technological complexity is often a barrier obstructing productivity in bakeries. Compiling data on your oven environments using solutions prioritizing breadth of data compilation over usability means that your average bakery employees may need extensive training to understand how to use a data logger, resulting in an increased margin of error and extended ramp-up time.

Accessibility was critical to Reading Thermal’s design choices with the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger. It’s designed to be used remotely. Workers can use it to compile real-time data and comprehensive profiles, which can later be downloaded onto a computer at a separate location. Reducing dependency on software and elevating independent use for the data logger is a critical step toward improving profile generation efficiency and minimizing errors.

To make this work, the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger has to have a UI design that’s intuitive and clear for optimal results. Once a Smart Sensor is connected, the data logger is primed with a self-test, including clearly labeled indicators for memory capacity, available battery power, the accuracy of data logger and sensor parameters, scan rate iteration preferences, and when the data logger is ready to commence data collection.

Multiple Profile Compilation Capability

Many data loggers are built to compile a single profile before requiring an immediate download and wiping of memory. While these solutions can get the job done, they’re often restrictive and  limited in scope. The SCORPION® 2 Data Logger allows for multiple profiles to be compiled before requiring download, giving you more flexibility and control over your baking processes. 

Quick and seamless comparison and measurement of multiple oven profiles make it easier to perform quality control,  ensuring that all products are being baked according to the desired standards. This allows you to complete multiple profiles in a single session, saving time and energy otherwise spent on downloading files and manually inputting data. It also allows you to track multiple ovens with a single device, so you can easily compare and contrast different recipes or settings to make sure your baking process is as efficient and consistent as possible.

Commercial bakery oven data logging for quality control has long been a staple in the baking industry, and it’s one that Reading Thermal further improves on with our SCORPION® 2 Profiling System. Call us at (610) 678-5890 Ext. 2, or contact us online for more details about our innovative products.