Digital Air Velocity Advantages

The new SCORPION®2 Digital Air Velocity Array brings you the premier way to study airflow in your baking, cooling, or freezing process. This fundamental redesign provides a faster responding, higher accuracy method of tracking the air velocity of the local environment, combining several technological breakthroughs to bring the best to you the customer compared to other Air Velocity sensors. Thin-film platinum RTD construction greatly improves sensor to sensor variation, while proprietary Smart Temperature Compensation allows our calibrated arrays to accurately measure both high and low temperature environments.

NEW Digital Air Velocity Advantages:

  1. Smart Temperature Compensation for accurate high temp measurements
  2. Single sensor for both low temp and high temp airflow measurements
  3. New thin-film platinum RTD construction for the best in sensor-sensor repeatability
  4. Improved response time by up to 37%
  5. Efficient digital power circuitry for up to 2x battery life over analog
  6. Dedicated 24-bit Analog to Digital converters for improved resolution
  7. Existing arrays can be upgraded to the new technology
  8. No change in user procedure to learn new sensor
  9. Free software upgrade
  10. Compatible with 32mm tall systems


Old Analog ArrayOld Analog Array


New Digital ArrayNew Digital Array


Heated Response Time - Old vs. NewHeated Response Time – Old vs. New



We are offering a 20% Discount on upgrades to the NEW Digital Air Velocity Sensor Arrays to customers who trade in their OLD Air Velocity Sensor Arrays for a limited time. Click Here to contact us about your upgrade.